Celebrex and Alcohol – Do Not Mix

Celebrex generic is one of the most recommended medication to stop the symptoms of swelling and inflammations caused by certain disorders or allergies. Being classified as a type of NSAID or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, celebrex generic has been known to be good at relieving pain caused by arthritis. No wonder this drug has been used by many people for a very long time due to its effective outcomes. Not only does celebrex generic good at managing pains and discomfort caused by arthritis but also take away the pain triggered by injuries, surgery, and even menstrual cramps. Indeed this drug has been proven a wonder medication due to its numerous benefits for a lot of people who want to be free from their pains and inflammations. However before you start your medications there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to consider in order to get the most out of your treatment. Often times people neglect the warnings of the medications they take and immediately proceed ingesting their drugs, that is why they suffer moderate to severe side effects. if you want to have the optimum outcomes pf celebrex generic then it is vital to heed the advice of your doctor at the same time follow the precautions mentioned at the labels of the drug.

It is often stressed out by medical practitioners that patients taking medications should strictly avoid alcohol. This is very true since mixing alcohol with almost any types of drugs can result to some side effects. even taking NSAID medications like celebrex generic is not an exemption. In fact, you are strongly discouraged of drinking alcohol while you are on your treatment. As what we have mentioned alcohol can have a number of adverse side effects when taken together with almost any types of medications. For one, alcohol can disrupt the normal functions of the liver. Remember that the liver is an important organ that disposes any unused or unwanted chemicals in the body. Once the body has absorb the important ingredients of the drug celebrex generic, the remaining parts of the drug are being disposed through the liver. Moreover, the liver also hastens the breaking down of the chemicals of any drugs we take in. However, with the presence of alcohol in the blood stream, the metabolizing function of the liver might slow down, causing the chemicals to stay longer in the body. Remember that as long as the chemicals of the drug is inside your system for an extended period then the risk of having potential side effects also increases. The alcohol can therefore magnify whatever the side effects of the drug you take in may have.

As a word of advice, it is extremely important that you temporarily avoid taking alcohol while you are on your course of treatment. Moreover, you should also avoid certain drugs that could have a dangerous reaction with celebrex generic. To get more information about what drugs to avoid while taking celebrex generic, it is best to talk to your doctor today.