Relieve Arthritis with Celebrex 200 mg

Are you suffering from severe joint pain and unable to fold your knees? Are you unable to walk comfortably because of pain in the knees? Does pain balm and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) only give you temporary relief? If yes, then you are most likely affected by arthritis. Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints.

There are many home remedies available for the treatment of Arthritis. The first step in controlling arthritis is to keep a watch on the body weight. Excess body weight causes stress on the knee joints and impairs them. Body weight management helps prevent conditions like arthritis and back pain. Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining the body weight and also strengthening the knee joints. Regular exercise also helps to alleviate inflammation and spasm of the knee joints. Certain yogasanas have been proved to be effective for treating arthritis.

In addition to exercise, diet also plays a key role in controlling or preventing arthritis. One should aim to have a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables and grains. Leafy green vegetables are filled with vitamins and minerals and should be included in the diet for general well-being. Tuberous vegetables like potatoes and yams should be avoided as they exacerbate the condition.

When none of the home remedies work, medications like Celebrex (Celecoxib) help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Celebrex at recommended doses selectively inhibits the enzyme COX-2 in the human body, which is responsible for causing pain and inflammation. Celebrex comes as 200 mg dosage formulations. Clinical studies claim that a single Celebrex 200 mg tablet helps provide 24-hour relief from arthritis pain and inflammation. Celebrex 200 mg tablets are proven to improve daily physical functioning and the patients find immediate improvement in movement. Also when compared to other arthritis drugs available in the market, Celebrex 200 mg tablets have lesser side effects.  Only a lower percentage of patients reported stomach discomforts including nausea, indigestion and abdominal pain.

However, as with any medication, one should exercise caution while taking Celebrex 200 mg. Some of the possible side effects of Celebrex 200 mg tablets are increased chances of cardio vascular problems like heart attack and stroke. The chances are more if the patient has a previous history of heart diseases or high blood pressure or has taken anti-inflammatory drugs for a longer period of time. Celebrex 200 mg tablets, like all prescription NSAIDs may cause stomach and intestine problems. Patients suffering from asthma attacks, hives or allergic reaction to other NSAIDs should refrain from taking these tablets.

Cheap Celebrex 200 mg tablets are now available in the market. There are many online websites which offer best rates when buying Celebrex 200 mg tablets. These tablets can be bought without doctor prescription and will be delivered to your door step immediately. However, buy Celebrex 200 mg tablets only from reliable and legitimate web pharmacies. Also, talk to your doctor before taking the medication and immediately discontinue usage if you are facing any side-effects.  So, next time you visit a doctor, ask him if Celebrex is right for you.